Post graduate (M. Sc)

Semester - I

CY5011 : Transition Metal and Bioinorganic Chemistry

CY5013 : Conceptual Organic Chemistry

CY5015 : Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics

CY5017 : Principles of Quantum Mechanics

CY5019 : Organometallic Chemistry

CY5021 : Introductory Computational Chemistry Laboratory

CY5023 : Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Semester - II

CY5012 : Main Group Chemistry and Spectroscopic Characterization of Inorganic Compounds

CY5014 : Reactive Intermediates and Concerted Reactions

CY5016 : Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics

CY5018 : Chemical Bonding and Group Theory

CY5020 : Analytical Chemistry: Principles, Practices and Applications

CY5022 : Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

CY5024 : Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Semester - III

CY6011 : Solid State Chemistry

CY6013 : Spectroscopy-Applications in Organic Chemistry

CY6015 : Electrochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications

CY6017 : Optical and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

CY6019 : Modern Synthetic Methodology in Organic Chemistry (Department Elective-I)

CY6023 : New Methods and Strategies in Organic Synthesis (Department Elective-II)


Semester - IV

CY6101 : Magnetic Resonance Imaging

CY6102 : Advanced Bioinorganic Chemistry

CY6103 : Chemistry of Crystalline Inorganic Solid State Materials

CY6104 : Molecular Clusters

CY6105 : Supramolecular Chemistry

CY6106 : Organometallic Chemistry for Organic Synthesis

CY6107 : Heterocyclic Chemistry

CY6108 : Medicinal Chemistry

CY6109 : Photochemistry

CY6110 : Stereoselective Synthesis of Natural Products

CY6111 : Electron Spectroscopy

CY6112 : Surface Chemistry and Catalysis

CY6113 : Chemistry of Macromolecules

CY6114 : Chemical and Electrochemical Energy Systems

CY6115 : Chemistry of the Earth’s atmosphere

CY6116 : Advanced Solution Thermodynamics

CY6117 : Advanced Optical Spectroscopy

CY6118 : Experimental Methods in Chemistry

CY6119 : Group Theory and Molecular Spectroscopy

CY6120 : Molecular and Statistical Reaction Dynamics and Scattering Statistical dynamics

CY6121 : Advanced Electronic Structure and Density Functional Theory for Molecules

CY6122 : Numeric Methods for Computational Chemistry

CY6123 : Asymmetric Organic synthesis

CY6124 : Organic Photochemistry: Principles and Applications

CY6125 : Functional Organic Materials

CY6126 : Green Organic Synthesis: Principles and Applications

CY6127: Chemical Processes at Surfaces and Interfaces

CY6128: Computational Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Simulations

CY6129: Advanced Methods in Experimental Physical Chemistry

CY6998 : Electrochemical Approaches to Functional Supramolecular Systems