CY6114 : Chemical and Electrochemical Energy Systems

Available energy options, their advantages and disadvantages. Environmental effects, comparative evaluation of energy options and energy needs.

Fossil fuels: petroleum, natural gas and coal – Origin, processing and production of value added products – available current conversion technologies.

Nuclear Energy: Principles of Fission – Fission reactors, U enrichment and processing of spent fuels. Nuclear reactor kinetics and control – nuclear fusion – magnetic and other confinement – evaluation of the option of nuclear energy.

Electrochemical power sources – theoretical background on the basis of thermodynamic and kinetic considerations.

Primary cells – various types, especially magnesium and aluminium based cells – magnesium reserve batteries.

Secondary cells: classification based on electrolyte type, temperature of operation on the basis of electrodes – chemistry of the main secondary batteries – Batteries for electric vehicles – present status.

Fuel cells – classification – chemistry of fuel cells – detailed description of hydrogen/oxygen fuel cells – methanol – molten carbonate solid polymer electrolyte and biochemical fuel cells.

Solar energy conversion devices – photovoltaic cells – photoelectrochemical cells – semiconductor electrolyte junctions photocatalytic modes for fuel conversion process – photobiochemical options.

Hydrogen as a fuel – production (thermal, electrolysis, photolysis and photoelectrochemical) storage and applications of hydrogen storage.

Other methods of energy conversion: processes especially in the form of storage as chemical energy.

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