CY6113 : Chemistry of Macromolecules

Basic concepts – classification, nomenclature, molecular weights, molecular weight distribution, glass transition, degree of crystallinity, morphology, and viscosity-molecular weight, mechanical property – molecular weight relationships.

Molecular weights and Methods of determination, molecular weight distribution, size and shape of macromolecules. Intrinsic viscosity, Mark-Houwink relationship.

Chain structure and configuration, conformation, size of an ideal chain (freely jointed chain and other models), Real chains, Flory theory.

Thermodynamics of polymer solutions.

Molecular motion (self-diffusion, hydrodynamic radius, Rouse Model, Zimm Model, entangled polymer dynamics and de Gennes reptation model).

Glass transition temperature – elementary theories and methods of determination.

Variation of glass transition with structure.

Rubber elasticity – concepts, thermodynamic equation of state. Elementary theories of viscoelasticity (Maxwell, Voight).

Mechanisms and Methods of Polymerization – Step (condensation) polymerization – Description – Reactivity Functional Groups – Kinetic and thermodynamic considerations – Molecular weight distribution. Chain polymerization, controlled radical polymerizations (INIFERTER, ATRP, RAFT, SET). Living Polymerizations. Ziegler-Natta and metathesis polymerizations.

Selected Applications

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