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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry of the best academic, engineering and technological Institute of India. On behalf of the Department faculty, staff and students it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to visit the website and follow the programmes and activities in chemistry. If you are a student or a potential faculty member, please do give us an opportunity to help build your professional career. The department has one of the most celebrated M. Sc. Programmes in chemistry worldwide which has been running for more than 50 years. Many of our Alumni are faculty members in Universities in India and abroad. All our faculty members are pioneering researchers in their own areas as well; many contribute actively through their scholarship and commitment to academic peer review as Editors/Associate Editors/referees of top-class scientific journals.

The department is among the largest and also among the best in India with 34 faculty members and more than 300 research scholars. About twenty seven technical and administrative staff members contribute to the most important requirement of maintaining the department instruments and classroom scheduling, laboratory handling and the safety and security of the building.

The department has a renowned Ph. D. programme, the details of which are given in other pages. The Department is centrally located in the campus of IIT Madras which itself is in a serene wildlife environment in the centre of a vibrant and modern city, Chennai, The Capital of the State of Tamil Nadu, India. Our campus hosts the largest deer population that about 600 acres of land can hold. In addition, the campus is full of other forms of wild life.

Our faculty members provide an active undergraduate engineering chemistry programme that focuses on fundamental aspects of chemistry and which consists of several courses to the best and brightest of engineers in India and abroad. You can find more details under the “courses” heading.

Please do visit and stay with us through the website for active, continuous, just-in-time and lifelong learning. Best wishes to you all.