Nanostructured Materials & Heterogeneous Catalysis

  • Nano- & Nanoporous Materials
  • Heterogenous Catalysis
  •    (including petro- & fine-chemicals; pharmaceuticals)
  • Photo- and Electro-Catalysis.
  • Environmental Catalysis
  • Biomass Conversion
  • Fuel Cells, Solar Fuels
  • Batteries, Hydrogen Energy

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RESERCH INTEREST : Energy and Environmental Issues

  • Green Chemistry and Catalysis including Photo-, Electro- & Environmental Catalysis
  • Catalyst Design for Organic Transformations (Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical intermediates)
  • Ordered Porous Materials such as Silicates, Aluminates, Phosphates, Carbons, Binary and Ternary Oxides
  • Hierarchical Zeolites; Organic-Inorganic Hybrids, Metal-Organic Frameworks, etc.
  • Environmental Remediation (Photo-degradation of VOCs, Phenols, Dyes, Pesticides, etc.)
  • Energy Conversion (Biomass; Methanol Fuel Cells & Solar Fuels from Carbon Dioxide)
  • Energy Production (Solar Hydrogen)
  • Energy Storage (Hydrogen & Lithium-ion Battery)
  • Advanced Materials including Superconductors, Semiconductors, Metal Hydrides