CY7420 : Ion-Beam Techniques and Nuclear Energy

Physical Chemistry


Nuclear Structure:

Nuclear potential, Nuclear forces, charge symmetry and charge independence, Fermi gas model, Shell model, Spin-orbit coupling, Collective model, rotational and vibrational states in Odd-A nuclei.

Nuclear Instrumentation:

Pulse Processing and shaping, Linear and Logic pulse functions, Pulse height analysis, Timing spectroscopic modules with pulse timing, Computerized spectrum analysis.

Radiation spectroscopy with scientilators, semiconductor diode detectors, Germanium and solid state detectors, Neutron detection and Spectroscopy, Perturbed angular correlation measurements with coincidence counting positron annihilation and life time measurements.

Particle Sources and Ion-Beam analysis:

Van-de-Graaff generators, charged particle and Tandem accelerator, Linear Accelerators (electron and proton LINACS), Synchrotrons as Photon sources.

Ion-Solid interaction, Range and damage profiles, Nuclear and electronic Stopping powers, Secondary ion mass spectroscopy\Ion neutralisation spectroscopy, Rutherford back scattering and resonant scattering, Particle induced x-ray emission, Nuclear Reaction analysis.

Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Energy:

Chain reacting systems, conversion of mass to energy and transmutation of elements, Reactors, Fuel refining and reprocessing (PUREX process), Nuclear safety and radioactive waste disposal, controller thermonuclear reactions and fusion energy.


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