Organic & Biochemistry
  • UV-visible spectroscopy – advancements in experimental methods, analysis of mixtures, dissociation constants of acids and bases, study of enzyme catalysis, applications of ORD and CD.
  • IR spectroscopy – intra and intermolecular hydrogen bonding, effect of concentration and temperature, Fourier transform IR, applications of UV, VISIBLE AND IR in the structural elucidation of complex natural products.
  • NMR spectroscopy – experimental aspects, FT NMR, factors influencing sensitivity and resolution,applications of chemical shift and spin-spin coupling, Karplus equation and conformational analysis; NMR of carbon-13, fluorinee-19, phosphorous-31, Nitrogen- 14 and 15 and oxygen 17. Multiple-pulse experiments – gated decoupling and NOE, measurement of T1 and T2, polarisation transfer, INEPT, DEPT, two – dimensional NMR, J-resolved spectra, shift correlated spectra including COSY, HETCOR, INADEQUATE, NOE correlted spectroscopy, applications of 2D-NMR in the structural analysis of complex natural products and biopolymers, applications of solid state NMR.
  • EPR Spectroscopy – epr spectra of solutions, frozen solution, especially organic molecules.
  • Mass spectrometry – high resolution mass spectrometry, linked scans, MIKES, HV scan, negative ion mass spectrometry, applications of field desorption, plasma desorption, fast atom bombardment, electrospray and tandem mass spectrometry and FTMS.
  • Also included are topics from current literature on the applications of modern spectroscopic techniques.


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