CY7120 : Bioanalytical Techniques

Organic & Biochemistry
  • pH and buffers used in biochemical experiements, pKa values and titration curves.
  • Determination of biomolecules by absorption photometry, fluorimetry, biochemical applications of mass spectrometry.
  • Manometry and respiration measurement, oxygen polarography, BOD estimation, resting cells prepastion.
  • Principles of microscopy – light, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence and eletron microscope, fixing and preparation of samples.
  • Breaking of cells by chemical and physical methods, ultrasonication, pressure cell disintegrators, detection of cell-free and cell-bound proteins.
  • Principles of centrifugation – calculation of r.c.f. values, ultracentrifuges, density gradients.
  • Enzyme assays.
  • Biomolecules separation by chromatography, paper, thin layer and column chromatrography, ion exchangers, molecular sieves, affinity columns, Gas chromatography and HPLC.
  • Electrophoresis – theory and practice, mobility, buffers, agarose and polyacrylamide matrices, gel apparatuses, native and SDS -PAGE gels, Isoelectric focussing, Zymograms.
  • Immunochemical methods – immunoassays, immunodiffusion, rocket immunoelectrophoresis.
  • Use of radioisotope tracer techniques in biochemical experiments and their detection.


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