CY7230 : Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

General Instruction:

Structural aspects of inorganic compounds, structural methods and their classification.

Spectroscopic Methods:

Principles, experimentation and illustration of the scope of different methods viz., NMR, ESR, NQR, MW, IR RAMAN, UV-VIS, UPS, XPS, Mossbauer and Mass spectral techniques, A variety of case studies will be dealt with in each case.

Diffraction Methods:

X-ray, neutron and electron diffraction techniques (Principles, instrumentation and applications).

Optical Methods:

ORD, CD and MCD techniques – principles, experimentation and scope with specific examples.

Thermal Methods:

TGA, DTA and DSC techniques – principles, instrumentation and uses (applications to polymers and explosives will also be considered).

Miscellaneous Methods:

Principles, determination, scope and uses of i) Magnetic ii) dipole moment iii) refractive index and iv) conductance properties of inorganic compounds for structural elucidation.


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