CY7210 : Advanced Solid State Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Crystal Chemistry:

Introduction, detailed description of structures of complex oxides and related compounds, Phillips ionicity and crystal chemistry; Structural interrelations .


Origin of defects; Types of defects – equilibrium, nonequilibrium, point, line, planar, nonstoichiometry, Wadsley defect; Experimental methods of investigating defects in solids; Dislocations, grain boundaries etc. Defects and physical properties.

Bonding and electron transport:

Atoms to molecules to crystals; Orbitals – bond – bands: Electronic structure of solids, band theory, non metals, metals, metal- nonmetal transitions; Transport properties, techniques, electrical conductivity, thermopower and Hall effect measurements; Chemical approach to bonding in solids; Case studies – Oxides.

Magnetic properties:

Dia, para, ferro, antiferro and ferromagnetism; Magnetism of free electrons; Measurements; Magnetically ordered solids, soft and hard magnetic materials; Case studies – Oxides.

Dielectric and optical properties: Principle and theory;

Standard examples like BaTiO3; Applications.

Phase Transitions:

Classification; Landau’s Theory; Nucleationgrowth, 
Martensitic transformations; Examples; Metal-insulator transitions.

Solid state synthesis:

Conventional and novel methods; Specific examples; 
Rational synthesis of solids.

Characterization by diffraction

Modern developments:

Superconductivity of oxide materials, C60; Intercalation chemistry etc.


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