Current Ph.D Students

1. Manmath Panigrahy (Aug 2017-)
Research Problem: Modeling activator-inhibitor duality in stochastic enzyme-inhibition networks

2. Subham Pal (Aug 2018-)
Research Problem: Modeling Single-nanoparticle catalysis

3. Rahul Bagdi (Aug 2019-)
Research Problem: Stochastic modeling of single-enzyme co-operativity

Former Ph.D Students

1. Dr. Soma Saha (2009-13)
Thesis title: Stochastic kinetics of enzymes and unimolecular gas-phase reactions
Present affiliation: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Presidency University, Kolkata

2. Dr. Prasanta Kundu (2009-15)
Thesis title: Models of charge and conformational fluctuations in Polyelectrolytes, Polyam-pholytes and Proteins
Present affilia-tion: Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Chemical, Biological and Macromolecular Sciences, S. N. Bose Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata

3. Dr. Ashutosh Kumar (2012-2018)
Thesis title: Memory, correlations and cooperativity in single-enzyme kinetics
Present affiliation: Assistant Professor, Amity University, Patna

Former M.Sc Students

1. Dr. Souvik De (2007-08)
Thesis title : Polyelectrolytes in poor solvents – the effects of added salt
Pre-sent Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technol-ogy, West Bengal)

2. Dr. Abir Bhattacharjee (2009-10)
Thesis title: Structures and transitions in weak polyampholytes
Present Affiliation: Postdoctoral Fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NewYork

3. Dr. Antara Sinha (2010-11)
Thesis title: Single-enzyme kinetics in the presence of inhibitors
Present Affiliation: Postdoctoral Fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NewYork

4. Agniva Banerjee (2011-12)
Thesis title: Two-stage model of stochastic gene expression
Present Affiliation: Marie-Curie Research Fellow at Radboud University, Nether-lands

5. Dr. Hiranmay Maity (2012-13)
Thesis title: Effect of protein conformation fluctuations in single-enzyme kinetics
Present Affiliation: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas at Austin

6. Dr. Sambarta Chatterjee (2013-14)
Thesis title: Manifestation of stochastic effects in enzyme kinetics from single to multiple enzymes
Present Affilation: Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University

7. Tiyash Basu (2013-14)
Thesis title: Extracting mechanistic information from single and multiple-particle pathways in nanoparticle catalysis

8. Mintu Nandi (2014-15)
Thesis title: Unravelling memory effects in the enzyme kinetics of fluctuating en-zymes using stochastic simulations
Present Affiliation: Ph.D Scholar, University of Calcutta and Bose institute

9. Sutirtha Chowdury (2014-15)
Thesis title : Correlating fluctuations with mechanism in single-nanoparticle catal-ysis
Present Affiliation: Ph.D Scholar, University of Rochester

10. Souvik Garani (2018-19)
Thesis title : Molecular memory and dynamic cooperativity in monomeric en-zymes.

11. Subhajit Maity (2018-19)
Thesis title : Extracting kinetic information from temporal fluctuations in single-nanoparticle catalysis.

We use the methods of statistical mechanics and stochastic processes to study a wide range of problems in physical chemistry and chemical physics. The current research focuses on two main areas, stochastic reaction dynamics and statistical mechanics of complex fluids. These include

  • Developing new theoretical techniques to understand catalysis at the molecular level.
  • Modeling biopolymer dynamics using phenomenological theories.
  • Understanding the statics and dynamics of polymer solutions and melts using coarse-grained methods and scaling concepts.

For the past few years, her research group has been actively involved in developing stochastic time-domain approaches to understand enzyme catalysis at the single-molecule level.