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About Edamana Prasad

Dr. Edamana Prasad is a professor at the Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

He is also working as the Head of Teaching Learning Centre at IIT Madras where a group of faculty members from science and engineering departments, IIT Madras has been actively participating in organizing various activities for improving the teaching-learning process in the higher education sector of the country.

Recently, MHRD has sanctioned a project amounting 4.5 crores for TLC to augment its activities. The activities of the center can be viewed by visiting https://tlc.iitm.ac.in.

Prof Prasad’s research group work in the area of supramolecular self-assembly and photophysical aspects of small and assembled molecular systems. Please see the publication and Research sections to understand the details of the research activities in the group.

Prof. (Dr.) Edamana Prasad
Prof. (Dr.) Edamana Prasad
Professor - Department of Chemistry