Dr. Aidhen, Indrapal Singh
E-mail : isingh@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574201
Head, Department of Chemistry
    Dr. Aidhen, Indrapal Singh
E-mail : isingh@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574219
Synthetic organic chemistry, Carbohydrate chemistry
    Dr. Anbarasan, P.
Associate Professor
E-mail : anbarasansp@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574216
Organic synthesis
    Dr. Baskaran, S.
E-mail : sbhaskar@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574218
Organic synthesis
    Dr. Beeraiah Baire.
Assistant Professor
E-mail : beeru@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574206
Organic synthesis
    Dr. Bhyrappa, P.
E-mail : byra@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574222
Bioinorganic, Supramolecular and Materials chemistry
    Dr. Chakraborty, Debashis
Associate Professor
E-mail : dchakraborty@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574223
Synthetic organometallic chemistry
    Dr. Chand, Dillip Kumar
E-mail : dillip@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574224
Supramolecular chemistry
    Dr. Chandrakumar, N.
E-mail : nckumar@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574920
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and Imaging
    Dr. Dhamodharan, R.
E-mail : damo@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574204
Polymer structure and properties
    Dr. Dua, Arti
Associate Professor
E-mail : arti@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574236

Theoretical chemistry - Stochastic chemical kinetics, Statistical mechanics of biophysical processes, Biopolymer dynamics

    Dr. Gardas, R.L.
Associate Professor
E-mail : gardas@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574248
Chemical Thermodynamics, Fluid Phase Equilibria, Ionic Liquids
    Dr. Ghosh, Sundargopal
Associate Professor
E-mail : sghosh@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574230
Organometallic and Metalloborane Chemistry
    Dr. Kumar, Sanjay
E-mail : sanjay@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574227
Theoretical chemistry, Molecular dynamics
    Dr. Mangala Sunder, K.
E-mail : mangal@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574220
Theoretical chemistry, Spectroscopy
    Dr. Md. Mahiuddin Baidya
Assistant Professor
E-mail : mbaidya@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91) 99 6218 1860
Asymmetric catalysis, Organic synthesis
    Dr. Mishra, A.K.
E-mail : mishra@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574207
Physical Photochemistry,Fluorescence spectroscopy
    Dr. Mondal, K.C.
Assistant Professor
E-mail : csdkartik@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574228
Main Group Chemistry and Molecular Magnetism
    Dr. Muraleedharan, K.M.
Associate Professor
E-mail : mkm@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : ((91)44-22574233
Medicinal and Bio-organic Chemistry
    Dr. Nandita, M
Assistant Professor
E-mail : nanditam@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574239
Organic synthesis, Bio-materials, Peptide Chemistry
    Dr. Narasimha Murthy, N.
E-mail : nnmurthy@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574225
Bio-inorganic chemistry
    Dr. Patnaik, Archita
E-mail : archita@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574217
Colloid and Interface Chemistry
    Dr. Pradeep, T.
E-mail : pradeep@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574208
Molecular and Nanoscale Materials, Surfaces, Physical Chemistry
    Dr. Prasad, E.
Associate Professor
E-mail : pre@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574232
Photophysics of Supramolecular Assemblies
    Dr. Ramanujam, Kothandaraman
Associate Professor
E-mail : rkraman@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574249
Clean Energy Systems
    Dr. Ranga Rao, G.
E-mail : grrao@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574226
Heterogeneous catalysis, Surface science
    Dr. Rajakumar, B.
Associate Professor
E-mail : rajakumar@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574231
Atmospheric Chemistry & Combustion processes, Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy, Gas Phase Chemical Kinetics and Computational methods
    Dr. Rit, Arnab.
Assistant Professor
E-mail : arnabrit@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574205
Organometallic and Main-group Chemistry
    Dr. Sangaranarayanan, M.V.
E-mail : sangara@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574209
Electrochemistry, Statistical mechanics
    Dr. Sankararaman, S.
E-mail : sanka@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574210
Synthetic and physical organic chemistry
    Dr. Sekar, G.
E-mail : gsekar@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574229
Organic synthesis
    Dr. Selvam, P.
E-mail : selvam@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574235
Nanomaterials and Catalysis, Solid State and Surface Chemistry
    Dr. Sudheendra Rao, M. N.
E-mail : mnsrao@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574212
Main Group Inorganic Chemistry
    Dr. Varadaraju, U.V.
E-mail : varada@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574215
Materials science, Solid-state chemistry
    Dr. Vidyasagar, K.
E-mail : kvsagar@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574221
Solid State Chemistry
Assistant Professor
E-mail : pvenkat@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574243
Functional Organic Materials
    Dr. Vijay, Amrendra
Associate Professor
E-mail : avijay@iitm.ac.in
Phone No : (91)44-22574234
Theoretical Physical Chemistry
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