Short note about me


Working in the field of Crystallography and Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction machine, which is the state-of-the art BRUKER Kappa APEX II with 4-circle technology since 2005 and responsible for its operation and maintenance.

Underwent training in Bruker AXS, Delft, Netherlands in October 2007 as well as a specialized BRUKER  APEXII  User’s workshop in Bad Herrenalb, Germany, September 2012 and became a certified APEX II user.

Experience involves in structural determination of organic, inorganic, hybrid organic-inorganic material as well as organometallic molecules in addition to dealing with supra molecular systems which involved crystallographic disorder as well as twinning problems. This is followed by finalization of the structure and contribution in its publication as collaborative work.
Crystallographic software knowledge:
• Apex II (Bruker GmbH)
• ShelXL package
• PLATON software
• WinGX software
• Mercury visualization software
• EnCifer publication software