Technical Officer Gr.I

Email : nryn@iitm.ac.in
Phone: (044) 2257 5204/4247

Academic profile

  • B.Sc (Chemistry) University of Madras, Chennai
  • MSc ( Chemistry), Annamalai University
  • Ph.D (Chemistry) IITMadras (joined in 2012 under the guidance of Prof. R.Dhamodharan )
  • Professional Experience

  • Graduate Trainee (National Metallurgical Lab, CSIR, Chennai). (Nov.1984 to April 1986)
      Worked in the area of Wet and Instrumental methods of analysis for metals, alloys, ceramics, clays, ores and minerals. Instruments operated involves Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (VARION),
       Metal spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer.”
  • Senior Project Technician (MRL sponsored IC&SR Project, IIT Madras),(April 1986 to March 1989)
      Worked in the area of Fluidised Cracking Catalyst development for Petrolem Crude oil Cracking. Synthesis/modification of Zeolites, clay materials, Catalyst formulation in lab and
      pilot plant level operations like Spray Drying, Filter press filtration etc.,

    Instruments operated like FT-IR (PERKIN ELMER), Gas Analyser (BALZERS), Powder XRD (RIGAKU), High Pressure Reactor (SOTELEM).
    TGA (PERKIN ELMER), DSC (PERKIN ELMER), Sorptometer (Carlo Erba).

  • Technical Assistant (1989-1997)
  • Senior Technical Assistant (1997-2010)
  • Technical Officer ( 2010-Till date)
  • Operation and Maintenance of the following instruments:

    1. Thermogravimetric analyzer (TA Instruments Q500 Hi-Res TGA / PERKIN ELMER TGA7)
    2. Differential Scanning Calorimeter (TA Instruments Q200 MDSC)
    3. Porosimeter (Micromeritics ASAP 2020)
    4. Chemisorption TPD/TPR unit ( Micromeritics Chemisorb 2750)

    Lab Work:

    1. B.Tech Undergraduate Lab (CY1002) – Instructions to students and Lab arrangements.
    2. Preparatory Course – Lab arrangements

    List of publications :

    1. S.Kannan, A.Narayanan, C.S.Swamy
       "Effect of Composition on the Physico Chemical properties of nickel aluminium
        Journal of Materials Science, vol 31(1996) pages 2353-2360.

    2. S.Velu, A.Narayanan, V.Ramkumar, C.S.Swamy
        "Effect of Interlayer anions on the physico chemical properties of zinc-aluminium hydrotalcite like compounds.
        Journal of Material Science vol32,(1997) pages 957-964

    3. K.D.Chandrasekaran, A.Narayanan,
        "Use of spray drier in forming Pseudoboehmite/alumino silicate”
        Paper presented in “CHEMCON91” Industrial Chemical Engineers Congress
        Organized by Anna University, Madras.

    4. U.Kameswari, A.Narayanan,V.Ramkumar, Dorothy Samuel
        "Reaction of Piperidine with farmaldehyde over alumina catalysts”
        In the book "Selected studies in heterogeneous catalysis" published and dedicated to Prof. C.S.Swamy on his 60th Birth Day. In May1990 edited by Prof. B.Viswanathan.

    5. Braja Gopal Mishra, G.Ranga Rao, G.Vittal Babu, A.Narayanan
        "Effect of preparative conditions and cerium incorporation on the physico chemical properties and catalytic activity of ZrO2- pillared clays.”
        Bulletin of the Catalysis Society of India vol 1 (2002) pages 79-89.

    6. A.Narayanan, R.Dhamodharan
        “Super water-absorbing new material from chitosan, EDTA and urea”
       Carbohydrate Polymers, vol 134(2015),337-343.