Single Crystal XRD


  • Bruker X8 KAPPA APEX II


The APEX II line of chemical crystallography solutions combines the best of worldwide Bruker AXS development to give the ultimate tools for single crystal structure determination. It features easy to use state-of-the-art software, the fastest, most sensitive low noise APEX II detector integrated with the most precise, most flexible goniostats to give the best data possible.

  • APEX II CCD Detector

The large 62mm square 4K CCD collects single crystal data to atomic resolution in one detector setting. The low noise CCD detector provides superb signal to noise ratios even for very long exposure times.

  • KRYO-FLEX Low temperature attachment

The KRYO-FLEX low temperature attachment permits crystallographic studies at controlled temperatures by enveloping a crystal sample in low temperatures nitrogen gas. The attachment addresses the need to handle delicate samples and to obtain more accurate structures from small molecules. Ice formation is avoided at the sample by shielding the cold gas stream with gas at ambient temperature. Software interface makes it easy to set the sample temperature.

  • Data Processing

Bruker Application software APEX 2

SHELXTL derived from and compatible with SHELX- the most widely used program like SHELX-76, SHELX-86,SHELX-93 and SHELX-97 to solve, refine and display.

Preparation of data and space group determination - XPREP

Structure solution by Direct methods and Patterson Maps - SHELXS

Crystallographic Information File report - XCIF

Molecular Graphics using MERCURY, DIAMOND software.

Powerful package for both routine work and demanding research.








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