Bruker AvanceTM 400


  • Magnet in Ultrashield Technology


The Ultrashield superconducting magnet has a room temperature bore of 5 cms, an operating field of 9.4 tesla   and is provided with vibration dampers. The lock and shim are digitally controlled and can be operated via software (XWIN-NMR) or via the automated/manual operating system (AMOS) keyboard.

  • Probes

BBO observe probe with 1H coupling, 2H lock, standard region BB 31P-15N and z- gradient coil for GRASP II work. BBI Inverse Probe, CPMAS for solid samples, Variable temperature measurement controls (-100 C minimum limit) and an automatic (24) sample changer.

  • Communication

2 Channel amplifier system (20-420) MHz each) Communication control unit with high speed RISC processor, 16 MB memory, dedicated ethernet and RS 232 connection ports for communication link to workstation.

  • Data Processing

PC/NT workstation with NMR suite NT software.

Intuitive NMR operated by ICON-NMRTM

          Symbol and menu-based operation

          High level of Automation

          Complete range of NMR experiments

XWIN-NMRTM is the main software package for spectrometer control, data acquisition and processing in the X11/Unix and NT environment.

Powerful package for both routine work and demanding research.

Elegant, logical and compact pulse programming architecture.








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