This conference is being organized with a special focus on 'Anti-Infective Drug Discovery and Development' considering the prevalence of disease like Tuberculosis and Malaria in the country and the increasing mortality rates due to such infections.

MEDCHEM 2011 is the second conference after IIT Madras and AstraZeneca, Bangalore joined hands to promote Medicinal Chemistry education and Research in India. The first conference cum workshop Medchem 2009 focused on the current trends in Medicinal Chemistry. Considering the prevalence of diseases such as Tuberculosis and Malaria in the country and the increasing mortality rates due to such infections, Medchem 2011 will focus on ‘Anti-Infective Drug Discovery and Development’. Distinguished biologists and medicinal chemists from academia and industry who work on areas such as target identification, target validation, lead identification, lead optimization, and clinical development have been invited to share their latest research findings and views on the topic during the one and a half day conference. This conference would be useful to both practicing medicinal chemists and students who aspire to pursue a career in this area. The first day of the conference will also have poster presentations from students and scientists working in the area of medicinal chemistry.

The complete program schedule for the conference can be found here.

You can register online for the conference here.

Registration fees

  • Delegates from academic and research institutions                    Rs. 4000
  • Delegates from industry                                                              Rs. 6000
  • Research Scholars                                                                       Rs. 2000
  • Other students                                                                            Rs. 1000


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