Invited Talks


  • Flow Chemistry India 2014, “Nano- and Nanoporous Materials:  Applications in Catalysis”, Hyderabad, January 23-24, 2014.
  • 1st DCU Water Institute & Ireland India Institute Joint Public Lecture, “Green Chemistry and Catalysis for Sustainability”, Dublin, January 21, 2015.


  • 20th National Symposium on Catalysis for “Energy Conversion & Conservation of Environment”, Chennai, Dec. 19-22, 2010.
  • National Workshop on “Frontiers in Catalysis Research”, Truchy, October 1, 2010.  Green Chemistry and Catalysis for Sustainability
  • National Workshop on “Fronties in Materials Science”, Chennai, February 11, 2010.  Nanoporous Materials and their Applications.
  • 6th Annual conference of the Advances in Functional Nanomaterials, Coffs Harbour, November 9 -12, 2009.  Nanoporous Carbons and their Applications in Catalysis.


  • 3rd International Conference on Catalysis for Renewable Sources: Fuel, Energy, Chemicals, Catania, September 6-11, 2015.
  • International Workshop on “Advanced Porous Materials”, Busan, 8-10 January  2014.
  • 4th Russian-Indian Symposium. on “Catalysis And Environmental Engineering”, St. Petersburg, September 15-16, 2013.
  • The University of Queensland-India Workshop on “Applications of Nanotechnology and Catalysis in Clean Energy, Biofuels, Chemicals and Hydrogen Generation”, Brisbane, 7-8 November 2013.
  • Indo-US Workshop on “Green Chemistry for Environment and Sustainable
    Development” Dehradun, March 11-13, 2012.
  • 2nd Indo-German Conference on Catalysis, Rostock, June 19-22, 2011.  Nanoporous Carbon Supported Platinum (Pt/NCCR-1): Electrocatalyst for Methanol Oxidation.
  • Indo-French Symposium on “Catalysis for Sustainable & Environmental Chemistry”. NCL, Pune, July 11-13, 2010.
  • 2nd Russian-Indian Symposium. on ”Catalysis And Environmental Engineering”, Novosibirsk, September 13-14, 2009.  Mesoporous Materials and their Applications in Catalysis.
  • Indo-Hungarian Workshop on “Nanomaterials, Catalysis and Future Prospects”, IIT-Madras, Chennai, January 8-9, 2009.  Mesoporous Carbons and their Applications in Catalysis.
  • National Workshop on “Catalysis for Clean Environment and Sustainable Future”, Tezpur, December 21-23, 2009.  Mesoporous Carbons and their Applications in Catalysis.
  • XXI National Meeting of the Portuguese Chemical    Society, Porto, June 11-13, 2008.  Nanoporous Carbon Supported Platinum (Pt/NCCR-1): Electrocatalyst for Methanol Oxidation.
  • National Seminar on Green Chemistry, Mumbai, March 20-21, 2008.  Green Chemistry and Catalysis.


  • International Conference on Electron Microscopy, Electron Microscope Society of India (EMSI), Mumbai, July 8-10, 2015.
  • 80th Annual Meeting, The Society of Chemical Engineers Japan (SCEJ), Tokyo, March 19-21, 2015.
  • 22nd National Symposium on Catalysis, Bhavanagar, January 7-9, 2015.
  • Chemeca 2014 Confereence, “Processing Excellence; Powering Our Future”, Perth, 28 September - 1 October, 2014.
  • 5th IUPAC Conference on, “Green Chemistry,” Durban, 17-21 August 2014.
  • National Lecture Workshop on “Recent Trends in Chemistry”, Kodaikanal, 4-6 April  2014.
  • Asia-Pacific Conference on “Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion (APEnergy2014)”, Brisbane, 5-8 February 2014.
  • 16th National Workshop on “Catalysis for Sustainable Development”,  NEERI, Nagpur, 4-5 February 2014.
  • Indo-UK Conference on “Nanomaterials and Devices for Energy and Environment”, Chennai, 16-18 January 2014.
  • National Workshop on “Advanced Nano-Characterization Techniques as Complementary Tools for Biomolecular Applications”, Kumarakoil, 22 January 22– February 7, 2014.
  • Indo-UK Royal Society Joint Workshop on “Catalysis at the Interface”, IICT, Hyderabad, 11-13 February 2013.
  • Chemistry In-House Symposium, IIT-Madras, Chennai, 21 August, 2013.
  • International Conference on “Global/Local Innovations for Next Generation Automobiles” Sendai, 25-27 November 2013.
  • IX International Conference on “Mechanisms of Catalytic Reactions”, St. Petersburg, October 22-25, 2012.
  • 3rd Indo-Russian Expert Meeting on “Nanostructured Catalysts for Chemical Processing”, IIT-Madras, Chennai, December 14-15, 2011.
  • National Conference on “Chemistry of Functional Materials: Chemical Frontiers”, Goa, August 12-14, 2011.
  • 19th National Symposium on “Catalysis for Sustainable Energy and Chemicals”, NCL, Pune, January17-21, 2009.
  • 1st Indo-Russian Expert Meeting on “Nanostructured Catalysts for Chemical Processing”, NCL, Pune, January 22, 2009.
  • National Symposium on “Modern Trends in Inorganic Chemistry (MTIX-XIII), IISc Bangalore, December 7-10, 2009.
  • International Conference on Advanced Materials (IUMRS-ICAM), Bangalore, October 8-13, 2007.
  • Indo-Australia Symposium on “Multifunctional Nanomaterials, Nanostructures and Applications”, Delhi, December 19 – 21, 2007.


  • RSC India Roadshow and Symposium Series, “Awareness of the value of analytical chemistry, outreach activities, teaching of analytical sciences”, IIT-Madras, November 10, 2014.
  • UK-India-Brazil-Africa workshop on “The use of green chemistry for the sustainable production of biofuels”, Durban, August 21-22, 2014.