Ph. D.

Current Students

Mahesh Potnuru (January 2010 – )

Mahesh is from Aludu, Andhra Pradesh. He got his B.Sc. degree in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry from Gayatri Degree College (Andhra University). He went to Pune to obtain his Masters degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Pune. During his masters he worked on the synthesis of bio-active 4-aryl-2-Quinilinone, Neoflavones and the preparation of chiral Pd-Salen complexes under the guidance of Dr. Suresh B Waghmode. He is currently working on developing cyclic peptide templates for formation of internally functionalized pores.



Debajyoti Basak (July 2010 – )

Debajyoti is from West Bengal. He obtained his B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur Math (University of Calcutta) and his Master’s degree from IIT Madras. During his masters he worked on developing metallaboranes of Group  VIII transition metals under the guidance of Dr. Sundargopal Ghosh. He is currently working on the synthesis of unnatural amino acids derived from aromatic compounds for development of internally functionalized pores. His activities other than chemistry include reading novels, chatting with friends and cooking.


E. Venkataramana (July 2010 - )

Venkataramana hails from Chitoor district, Andhra Pradesh. He got his Bachelor™s degree in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology from S.V.Arts college for men, Tirupathi (S.V.University). He obtained his Master™s degree in Organic Chemistry from Sri vidyaniketan college, Tirupathi (S.V. University). He is currently developing poly(styrene) derived supports for liquid phase peptide synthesis.



Harekrishna Behera (July 2011 – )

Harekrishna is working on the development of internally functionalized pores from oligopeptides.



Rajesh Rao (July 2012 – )

Rajesh is working on development of anion receptors and transporters derived from pyrrole and tryptophan derivatives.


rajesh 2

Parichita Saha (July 2013 – )

Parichita is working on pybox incorporated peptides for ligand-gated ion channels.

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Babita Bisht (July 2014 – )

Babita is developing soluble polymer supports for peptide synthesis using Boc protected amino acids. She is also working on use of peptides as fusogenic agents.



Ph. D.

  • Dr. Bahiru Benke (2009 – 2015) – Post-doc with Prof. Kimoon Kim, POSTECH.
  • Dr. N. Naganna (2009 – 2015) - Post-doc with Prof. Sintim, Purdue University.

 M. Sc. 

  • Pronay Das (2014 – 2015) - Pursuing Ph.D. at NCL, Bangalore.
  • Sayantan Biswas (2013 – 2014) - Pursuing Ph.D. at IIT Bombay
  • K. Shahana (2013 – 2014)
  • Sujata Chakraborty (2012 – 2013) - Pursuing Ph.D. at University of Washington, Seattle
  • Soumitra Barman (2011 – 2012) - Pursuing Ph.D. at IISER Kolkata
  • Ramesh Kokal (2011 – 2012) - Pursuing Ph.D. at IIT Hyderabad
  • J. Mahita (2010 – 2011) - Pursuing Ph.D. at NCBS Bangalore
  • Sudhakar Sadam (2009-2010) -