Courses Taught


  • Organic Chemistry – Basic Principles
  • Unit Processes in Organic Synthesis
  • Chemistry of Lubricants
  • Preparative B. Tech Theory (Organic)
  • Preparative B. Tech Practicals (Physical)
  • Preparative B. Tech Practicals (Organic & Inorganic)


  • Stereochemistry, Reaction Mechanisms and Aromaticity
  • Introductory Biochemistry
  • Advanced Organic Chemistry of Multiple bonds
  • Spectroscopy-Applications in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Synthetic Methodology in Organic Synthesis
  • Chemistry of Natural Products & Biomolecules
  • Organic Chemistry Practicals I
  • Organic Chemistry Practicals II


  • Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry