Courses Taught

B Tech

  1. CY101: Microscopic and Macroscopic Structure of Chemical Systems
  2. CY102: Chemistry II
  3. CY201: Organic Chemistry – Basic Principles
  4. CY103: Chemistry Lab-I

M Sc

  1. CY502: Concepts in Inorganic Chemistry
  2. CY553: Chemistry of Main Group Elements
  3. CY556: Chemistry of Transition Metals
  4. CY604: Spectroscopy- Applications in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
  5. CY561: Inorganic Chemistry Practicals I
  6. CY611: Inorganic Chemistry Practicals II


  1. CYPCT- I: Preparatory Course Theory I
  2. CYPCT- II: Preparatory Course Theory II
  3. CYPCL- I: Preparatory Course Lab I
  4. CYPCL- II: Preparatory Course Lab II