• Dr Ashok Kumar Mishra completed his Master of Science from University of Delhi in 1980 and received his Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur in 1985.
  • After a stint in Sambalpur University as a faculty member in Chemistry, and in Gunma University (Japan) as a Monbusho fellow, he joined IIT Madras in 1992.
  • He was also a JSPS Visiting Scientist in Gunma University, Japan during 2002-2003.
  • Currently, he is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry, IIT Madras.
  • He is the recipient of CRSI Bronze Medal from the ‘Chemical Research Society of India’ 2001, Acharya P. C. Ray Memorial Award” 2012 by Indian Chemical Society and “Prof. Wahid Uddin Malik Memorial Award” 2013 by Indian Council of Chemists.
  • He is a Fellow of the ‘National Academy of Sciences, India’
  • He works in the general area of Physical Photochemistry and Fluorescence Spectroscopy.
  • He has an active research group. So far he has guided 24 Ph.D.’s, 31 M.Sc. students, 6 M.Phil students (at Sambalpur University) and has published about 177 research papers, reviews and monographs (including patents).