Research Guidance Completed

(I) Ph.D.

Sl.No. Name of  the Student Title of Thesis Year of Award Name of Co-Guide(S) If Any Univ./ Institute
1 S. Panda Aging Induced Changes In Membrane Lipid Peroxidation And Stability Of Cell Free Chloroplasts 1989 U.C.Biswal(Sambalpur University) Sambalpur Univ.
2 P. K. Behera Study Of Fluorescence Quenching Of Certain Organic Fluorophore-Quencher Systems In Fluid Medium 1993 None Sambalpur Univ.
3 J. Sujatha Development Of New Fluorescent Probes For Liposomes 1997 None IIT Madras
4 Chithra Hariharan Dynamics Of Certain Bimolecular Photophysical Processes: A Fluorescence Spectroscopic Study 1998  None  IIT Madras 
5 S.S. Bharathi Interaction Of 7-Aminocoumarins With Proteins: A Fluorescence Spectroscopic Study  2000   None   IIT Madras  
6 N. Pappayee  Excited State Acids As Fluorescent Probes For Lipid Bilayer Membranes  2001   None  IIT Madras  
7 J. Shobini  Investigation Of Peptide-Membrane And Drug Protein Interactions By Spectroscopic And Modeling Studies 2001  None   IIT Madras  
8 D. Patra   Development Of Fluorescence Based Novel Analytical Methods For Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons And Petroleum Products  2001  None   IIT Madras  
9 Tincy Listhomas  Studies On Fluorescence Behaviour Of Certain Fluorophores In Polymeric Systems  2003  None   IIT Madras 
10 S. Deepa  Development Of Certain Fluorescence Based Analytical Methods 2005   None  IIT Madras 
11 T. Shyamala  Evaluation Of Some Fluorescent Molecule As Molecular Probes For Liposome  2005  None  IIT Madras 
12 U. Subuddhi  Fluorescent Molecular Probes For Phospholipid Vesicles And Bile Salt Micelles  2006  None  IIT Madras 
13 Divya. O.  Development Of Fluorescences Based Analytical Method For Multifluorophoric Systems  2008  None  IIT Madras 
14 Anitha C. Kumar  Fluorescence Studies On Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide) (Pnipam) And Polyvinyl Alcohol (Pva) Hydrogels  2008  None  IIT Madras 
15 S. Susithra  Photophysical Behavior Of Certain Fluorescent Drugs In Bile Salt Media  2009  None  IIT Madras 
16 Monalisa Mohapatra  Fluorescence Of Excited State Prototropism Based Molecular Probes In Lipid Bilayer Membranes  2011  None  IIT Madras 
17 John Prakash  Development Of Some Novel Techniques In Analytical Fluorimetry  2013  None  IIT Madras 
18 Keshav Kumar  Integration Of Chemometric Methods With Certain Novel Fluorescence Techniques  2014  None  IIT Madras 
19 Jitendriya Swain Studies On Certain Lipid Bilayer Membrane And Gel Systems Using Fluorescent Molecular Probes 2015  None  IIT Madras 
 20 VikramSingh White Light Emitting Vegetable Cocktail, Glucose derived Carbon Nanoparticles and Isobenzotriazolophane as novel Fluorescent sensors for Analytical applications 2016 None IIT Madras
21 Ivy Sarkar  Photophysical Studies on Bio-mimetic Organized Media using Fluorescent Molecular Probes 2016  None IIT Madras 
22 Avik Kumar Pati   Insights into Photopysics of Diarylbutadiynes 2016 Dr. Santosh J. Gharpure IIT Madras
23 Alok Kumar Tripathi Alkyl Chain Tethered Dansyl,1-Napthol and Acridinyl Fluorophores: Synthesis and Photophysical Studies 2016  None IIT Madras
24 Madhumita Tarai Utilizing Synchronous Fluorescence Spectroscopy and multivariate techniques for certain Analytical applications 2017 None IIT Madras


(II)            M. Sc.

Sl.No. Name of  the Student Title of Thesis Year of Award Name of  Co-Guide(S) If Any Univ./ Institute
1 S Mallick Effect Of Solvents On Ph On Absorption Spectra Of Tba Azo Dyes 1987 None Sambalpur Univ.
2 L K Tiwari Effect Of Solvents On N-Methylpyridinium -2-(N,N-Dimethyl)Benzilidine Iodide- A Study Of Solvatochromism And Molecular Association 1987 None Sambalpur Univ.
3 J.Sujatha Studies On Quenching Of Naphthalene And Hydroxy Naphthalenes Fluorescence By Aliphatic Chloro Compounds 1993 None IIT Madras
4 V. Vijayshree Quenching Of 2,5-Diphenyloxazole Fluorescence By Metal Ions  1994 None IIT Madras
5 R.Lakshmi Study Of Fluorescence Of  Naphthols In Cyclodextrins 1995 None IIT Madras
6 A.Haribabu Excitation-Emission Spectroscopy And Synchronous Fluorescence Scan In Analysis And Identification Of Pollutant Hydrocarbons In Sea Water 1996 None IIT Madras
7 V. Meenakshi Spectrofluorimetric Studies On The Binding Of 3,3’-Dipropylthiacarbocyanine Iodide With Bovine Serum Albumin 1997 None IIT Madras
8 N.Rajesh Partition Coefficient Studies Of Avomine And Chlorpromazine On Dimyristoyl- Phosphatidylcholine Liposome Membrane Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy 1998  None IIT Madras
9 Lakshmi Sireesha Excitation-Emission Matrix Spectroscopy And Synchronous Fluorescence Scan Spectroscopy In The Analysis Of Petroleum Products 1999 None IIT Madras
10 M. Hema Fluorescent Properties Of Certain Fluorophores In Polyacrylamide Gel 2000 None IIT Madras 
11 N Sivakumar Fluorescent Spectroscopic Studies Of Certain Polymeric Systems: Exploring The Scope 2001 None IIT Madras
12 L Gurunathan Fluorescent Spectroscopic Studies Of Certain Polymeric Systems: Exploring The Scope 2001 None IIT Madras
13 T Shyamala Evaluation Of Some Espt Molecules As Probes For Liposomes  2002 None IIT Madras
14 Shuva Sree Ray Studies On The Membrane Phopholipids And Fludity In Eremothecium Asbyii During  Riboflavin Production 2004 None IIT Madras
15 Sourav Halder Synthesis And Photophysical Studies Of 4-(1-Pyrenenyl Ethynyl/N,N-Dimethyl Amine 2005 Prof. S. Sankararaman IIT Madras
16 Sheleena Hom Towards Developing A Low Concentration Oxygen Gas Censor Using Fluorescences 2006 None IIT Madras
17 Puran Kumar De Synthesis And Photophysical Study Of 1,6-Bis Acetylemic Derivative Of Pyrene 2007 None IIT Madras
18 Indrajit Ghosh Response Of 1-Naphthol Fluorescence To Electrolyte Effect On Unilamellar And Multilamellar Bilayer Membranes 2007 None IIT Madras
19 Krishna Kanta Ghosh Classification Of Jirkadyarista (An Ayurvedic Drug)Using Fluorescences Spectroscopy And Chemometric 2008 None IIT Madras
20 Partha Bairi Classification Of Jirakadyarishta , Ayurvedic Restorative Tonic , Using Principal Component Analysis And Synchronous Fluorescences Spectroscopy Data 2009 None IIT Madras
21 JoydeepDhar Study Of Gelation Of Poly (N-Isopropylacrylamide) In Presence Of Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) By Fluorescencetechnique 2009 None  IIT Madras 
22 Nagma Parveen Study Of The Microenvironment Of Poly (N-Isopropylacrylamide) By Fluorescence Decay Dynamics Of 8- Anilino-1-Napthalene-Sulphonate 2010 None IIT Madras
23 Debapriya Dey Copolymerization Of Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide)And Their Characterization As Drug Delivery Substrates 2011 None IIT Madras
24 Avik K. Pati Synthesis And Fluorescence Studies Of Some Substituted1,4-Diphenyl-1,3-Butadiynes  2011 Dr. Santosh J. Gharpure IIT Madras
25 Kalyanashis Jana Photophysics Of Certain Fluorescent Dyes In Polymethyl Methacrylate Gel Medium 2012 None IIT Madras
26 Sourav Roy Thermoreversible Sol-Gel Transition Of Pnipam In Aqueous Alcoholic Medium; Investigation Using Fluorescence And Dls 2013 None IIT Madras
27 Kiran Sankar Chatterjee Breakdown Of Meta Effect With Conjugation Length: A New Perspective From Theoretical Calculation Of Electronic Excitation Energies 2014 None IIT Madras
28 Akanksha Singh Understanding The Aggregation Properties Of Tween 20 Using Excited State Prototropism Of 1-Naphthol  2015 None IIT Madras
29 Rounak Jana Photophysics Of Substituted Diphenylbutadiynes In Aqueous,Mixed–Aqueous And Organized 2015 None  IIT Madras
30 Gautam Ghosh  Nile Red as a fluorescent molecular probe for studying pre-micellar and micellar aggregation and salt induced gelation of sodium deoxycholate   2016  None IIT  Madras 
31 Souvik Sarkar Understanding L-Proline Microenvironment in Water through extrinsic Fluorescent molecular probes 2017 None IIT Madras


  (III) M.Phil
Sl.No. Name of the Student Title of Thesis Year of Award Name of Co-Guide(S) If Any Univ./ Institute
1 H P Mishra Molecular Orbital Calculations On Some Aminobenzimadazoles  1986  None Sambalpur University 
2 K M Dandapat  Effect Of Solvents And Ph On Absorption And Fluorescence Spectral Properties Of Clofazimine: An Antileprotic Drug  1987 None Sambalpur University
3 P K Behera Fluorescence Quenching Of 1-Naphthol By Haloalkanes  1990  None Sambalpur University
4 M Udgata Fluorescence Quenching In Protic Solvents: 1-Naphthol Carbon-Tetrachloride Systems.  1991 None Sambalpur University
5 S Nandi Fluorescence Quenching Of Rhodamine B By Metal Ions  1992  None Sambalpur University
6 M Panda Effect Of Solvents On The Absorption And Fluorescence Spectra Of Rhodamine B 1992 None Sambalpur University