CY7430 : Ion Chemistry

Physical Chemistry
  • Mass spectrometry in 90’s and beyond, mass spectrometer as laboratory-tandem mass spectrometers-MS/MS with electric, magnetic, quadrupole, time of flight, FT- ICR and ion traps-hybrid instruments.
  • Collisional activation and reaction-kinematics-dynamics-collision energy and target gas effects-MS/MS in ion structures-reaction mechanism – thermochemistry.
  • Analytical applications-attomole chemistry. SIMS and analysis of surfaces.
  • Ion/molecule scattering-surface induced dissociation and reaction surface transformation ultrathin films.
  • Ion chromatography-state selction in MS/MS spectrometry neutralization reionization mass spectrometry.
  • Laser vapourization-cluster chemistry with mass spectrometers-clusters- fullerenes metallocarbohedrenes-modern tools and novel applications. Ion scattering methods – ISS and RBS.


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