CY7001 : Photoinduced Electron and Energy Transfer Processes

Physical Chemistry

Basic concepts: Introduction to photoinduced electron transfer reactions-enhanced reactivity of photo-excited state compared to the ground state-photosynthesis-history of electron transfer reactions.

Dynamics: Rate of electron transfer- activation controlled and diffusion controlled electron transfer rates-reorganization energy- rate dependency on free energy change of electron transfer-Marcus and Rhem-Weller approaches-Marcus Inverted Region-Theoretical prediction and experimental verification-reasons for not observing Marcus Inverted Region- Recent examples of experimental verifications.

Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Donor-Acceptor Systems: Covalently and non-covalently connected donor-acceptor pairs- examples- rate dependency on distance between donor-acceptor pairs in the normal and inverted regions -charge separation and long lived charge separated states- back electron transfer.

Photoinduced Energy Transfer: Characteristics of resonance energy transfer (RET)-theories of energy transfer- Dexter and Förster type resonance energy transfer -rate and efficiency of energy transfer-steady state and time resolved experiments-fluorescence anisotropic experiments- calculation of the distance between donor-acceptor pairs-spectroscopic ruler concept- Förster RET studies in proteins and nucleic acids.


Text Books:

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