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Wednesday 17th August 2016
8:00 - 8:30 Registration
8:30 - 9:15 Inaugural Function
Welcome Address by Convener, CiHS
Introductory Address by Head, Dept. of Chemistry
Felicitation of Prof. N. Chandrakumar
Inaugural Address by Director, IIT Madras
Vote of Thanks by Co-convener, CiHS
   Session - I                          Short Invited Lecture (IL) and Student Oral Presentation (SOP)

Chairperson: N. Chandrakumar

9:15 SIL-1 K. C. Mondal
Stabilizations of Monoatomic, Diatomic (Si 2 ) and Triatomic (Si 3 )Silicon(0) Species Employing Cyclic Alkyl(amino) Carbene as Ligand
9:45 SIL-2 Arnab Rit
Metal Complexes of N-Heterocyclic Carbene and Boryl Ligands – Unprecedented Complexes, Reactivity and Catalytic Studies
10:00 SOP-1 Sure Siva Prasad
PStereoselective Synthesis of Structurally Diverse Novel Iminosugar Cglycosides

10:15-10:30 Tea break

   Session - II                        Invited Lecture (IL) and Student Oral Presentation (SOP)

Chairperson: Indrapal Singh Aidhen

10:30 IL-1 S. Sankararaman
A Journey with N-Heterocyclic Carbene – Pd Complexes
11:00 SOP-2 Prasenjit Halder
Microwave Spectra of Benzene-Water van der Waals Complex
11:15 SOP-3 Anjaiah Sheelam
Intercalated 2D-network of Heptazine in Few Layer Graphene Derived from Metal-Organic Framework : An Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Chairperson: A. K. Mishra

11:30 IL-2 Sundargopal Ghosh
Diboranes in the Coordination Sphere of Transition Metals: A New Insight
12:00 SOP-4 Ramakrishna Jagarapu
Facile Synthesis, Luminescence and Functional Properties of π-Expanded 2D and 3D Fluorenes
12:15 SOP-5 Depanjan Sarkar
Metallic nanobrushes made using ambient droplet sprays
12:30 - 2:00 PM                              Lunch and Poster Session
Student Oral Presentation Judging Committee
K. Mangala Sunder, Sundargopal Ghosh, K. M. Muraleedharan
Student Poster Presentation Judging Committee
Dillip Kumar Chand, G. Sekar, Arti Dua, E. Prasad
   Session - III                             Invited Lecture (IL) and Student Oral Presentation (SOP)

Chairperson: Sanjay Kumar

2:15 IL-3 B. Rajakumar
Experimental methods to determine the fate of a chemical species in the Earth’s atmosphere
2:45 SOP-6 Prabhakararao Tharra
Z-Enoate Assisted, Meyer Schuster Rearrangement: Umpolung Functionalization of Propargylic alcohols
3:00 SOP-7 Sreenath Pappuru
Ti and Zr complexes of benzoxazole-substituted 8-hydroxyquinolines as catalysts for the ring-opening copolymerization of maleic anhydride or L-Lactide with tert-butyl glycidyl ether
3:15 SOP-8 Subrata Chakraborty
Correlated Electrons: Effective Hamiltonians, Spontaneous Magnetic Order and Metal-Insulator Transition

3:30 - 4:00 PM Tea break

   Session - IV                                Special Lecture
4:00 K. Mangala Sunder
NPTEL Contents and Massive Open Online Courses: Experiences and Moving Forward
4:30 U. V. Varadaraju
Concluding Remarks
4:45 Prize Distribution by Dean (IC&SR)
5:00 PM Vote of Thanks
7:30 PM Dinner at OAT



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