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Wednesday 13 August 2014
8:00 - 8:30 Registration
8:30 - 9:00 Inaugural Function
Welcome Address by Convener, CiHS
Introductory Address by Head, Dept. of Chemistry
Inaugural Address by Director IIT Madras
Vote of Thanks by Co-convener, CiHS
   Session - I                                          Short Invited Lecture (SIL)

Chairperson: Indrapal Singh Aidhen

9:00 SIL-1 Beeraiah Baire
Synthetic Approaches to Spiropreussione B, 2-Acyfuran Natural Products and an anticancer agent Siramesin
9:20 SIL-2 P. Venkatakrishnan
Self-Assembly in Solution for Organic Electronics
9:40 SIL-3 Mahiuddin Baidya
Rich Chemistry of Nitroso Compounds

10:00-10:15 Tea break

   Session - II                             Invited Lecture (IL) and Student Oral Presentation (SOP)

Chairperson: T. Pradeep

10:15 IL - 1 M.V. Sangaranarayanan
Analysis of charge transfer processes in electrochemical systems
10:45 SOP - 1 E. Ramachandran
Synthesis, characterization and optoelectronic properties of low band-gap donor-acceptor small molecules and polymers
11:00 SOP - 2 K. Surya Srinivas
Iron-catalyzed direct synthesis of amides from methylarenes and amine through C(sp3)-H oxidations and oxidative amidation

Chairperson: N. Chandrakumar

11:15 IL-2 K. Mangala Sunder
Computational thermochemistry for studying cyclophynes
11:45 SOP-3 Jitendriya Swain
Glucose-triazole-hydrogenated cardanol (GTHCC): A novel molecular gelator
12:00 SOP-4 Maturi Renuka
Optics of conducting materials: An electromagnetic potential perspective

Chairperson: Archita Patnaik

12:15 SOP-5 Balaganesh M.
Thermal decomposition of ethyl formate behind the reflected shock waves over the temperature range of 909-1258 K
12:30 SOP-6 Bharghav Anusuri
Ab Initio quantum mechanical studies of Li(+) + NO collisions
12:45 SOP-7 Anju R.S.
Chemistry of diruthenium analogue of pentaborane(11) with heterocumulenes: Novel trimetallic cubane-type clusters
1:00 - 2:30 PM                              Lunch and Poster Session
Student Oral Presentation Judging Committee
S. Sankararaman, N.N. Murthy, E. Prasad
Student Poster Presentation Judging Committee
D.K. Chand, B. Rajakumar, Arti Dua, Nandita M.
   Session - III                             Invited Lecture (IL) and Student Oral Presentation (SOP)

Chairperson: P. Selvam

2:30 IL-3 U.V. Varadaraju
Efficient conversion of heat to electricity-Materials impossible?
3:00 SOP-8 Bharatendu Srivastava
Ligand-embedded amino acid-derived building-blocks for development of new functional molecules
3:15 SOP-9 Anjana S. S.
Anion regulates the structure, spectroscopy and O2 reactivity of Co(II) complexes with bis(2-(2-pyridylethyl))amine

3:30 - 4:00 PM Tea break

   Session - IV                                Student Oral Presentation (SOP)

Chairperson: G. Sekar

4:00 SOP-10 Amit Banerjee
Regioselective oxidative cleavage of benzylidene acetal: Novel synthesis of functionalized uronic and sugar amino acids
4:15 SOP-11 Rajesh Khanna G.
Surfactant-mediated synthesis of nanostructured Co3O4 on Ni-foam as efficient energy storage material
4:30 SOP-12 Santosh Borkar
Synthetic efforts towards oxylipin (8R,9R,10S,6Z)-8,9,10- trihydroxytridec-6-enoic acid and its enantiomer
4:45 PM                              NPTEL Presentation by K. Mangala Sunder
5:15 PM Concluding Remarks by A.K. Mishra
5:25 PM Prize Distribution by Dean (AC)
5:30 PM Vote of Thanks
7:30 PM Dinner at OAT



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